Ron Liversuch

Ron Liversuch

Special Thank You to the Following

In the Writing of the Book

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the writing of Ron's book "She Won After Nine Year Search". Without their help his book would never have been written and consequently this website would never have been produced. Some through their bravery, some through their sacrifice and many through their diligence.

  • Daisy Liversuch
    — for her love, support, patience and understanding.
  • The officers and staff of the Ministry of Defence, England
    — (Mr.Tom Web, Liaison Officer.
  • The British Ambassador to the Netherlands
    — Wing Commander, B. St. Clair and Mrs. St. Clair.
  • The Air Attache of the R.A.F. to the Netherlands
    — P.R.A. Mansfield Esq. C.M.G. A warm and understanding person.
  • The Recovery Officer of the Queen's Netherlands Air Force
    — Colonel G. Zwannenberg, M.B.E.
  • The Officers, NCOs and Airmen of R.A.F Regiment stationed at Brussum, Germany
    — for their officiating and services as pallbearers of the funeral for Ray Liversuch and Royden Allison.
  • The Labratory Staff at Brussum
    — For identifying the remains
  • Mayor W. Wesselink, Burgermeister of the City of Harenkarspel
    — for his prompt and firm decisiveness for speeding up the procedures.
  • Mayor Rytsemer, Burgermeister of the city of Dirkshorn
    — for his stirring address at the ceremony.
  • The R.A.F. Padre — for conducting th service with compassion and dignity.
  • The Lady Clergyperson of the Dutch Reform Church in Dirkshorn
    — for her translation of the unilingual service.
  • Mr. Dik Cos, the Cemetery Supervisor
    — and to his helpers for the many manual tasks that were carried out with professionalism and experience.
  • Mr. Kiis Francis (now deceased) and Mrs. Riis Francis
    — the family on whose land Wellington AD605 crashed and burned in 1942.
  • Mrs. Tonni Munk (nee Weerd, Arnhem)
    — This lady was hostess to Ron on his stay in Bergen in 1984 and 1986, and drove him all over the Netherlands sightseeing. In 1944 she saved 300 British paratroopers from capture by the Nazis and led them to the safety of the British lines.
  • Dik and Henji Sijpheer
    — for putting flowers of Ray's grave and to the many dear people that remember them. Thank you!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rob Delachaux of Heiloo
    — for their kind offers of hospitality at their home.
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. Ekkes
    — for driving Ron to Amsterdam in 1986 and offers of hospitality at their home.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dik Smit
    — for the many times he met Ron at the boat from England and took him to Bergen and back.
  • Peter Sainsbury, Officer of the British Empire, and Mrs. Sainsbury
    — for their hospitality and congeniality during a trip on the waterways of Amsterdam and around the capital city and his concern for Ron when they inadvertently passed through a Red Zone on the way to a museum.
  • The people of Sannerville
    — for their great compassion at the risk of their own lives, fr the care and the forethought they exhibited as they tended to the body of Bert upon his death on D-Day. Also for the comfort and compassion they extended to Albert and Jessie on their visits to Bert's graves.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Las, Mr. and Mrs. Anne and Mr. and Mrs. Heuze
    — Mr. Las, Mr. And and Mr. Heuze were the freedom fighters who tried to save Bert just before he was shot and killed.
  • The Imperial War Graves Commission — London
  • The Imperial War Graves Commission — Brussels
  • The Imperial War Graves Commission — Amsterdam
  • The Officers, NCOs and Men of the Special Air Services
    — For their many services and cooperation to Albert and Jessie for their exemplary patience and understanding of the emotions of a distraught and persistent lady.
  • The Royal British Legion — Cardiff, Wales Area HQ
  • The Royal British Legion — London, British HQ
  • The Royal British Legion — Cowbridge Road HQ Womens' Section where Jessie was a member
  • The Rumney and St. Mellons Branch, Newport Road Branch, Cardiff, Wales
    — Ron's branch where he was granted Honorary Associate Lifetime Membership. His 'Welcome In The Valleys'.
  • The Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) British Isles.
  • The Royal Canadian Legions of Canada
    — Where he was awarded Lifetime Membership through the 154 Branch
  • Mrs. Gepke Norton and Little Gepke
    — for their excellent work of translation
  • Mr. Ted Norton
    — for narratives of Ex-Special Air Services and Commando exploits
  • Mr. Bruce Crichton and his Dutch neighbour Mevrow, Mrs. Elsa Geise
    — for translation
  • Photo Credits

  • Mr. V. Roska, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    — for his photographic contributions
  • The People of Sannerville, Calvados, France
    — Monsieur and Madame Las
  • The People of Bergen, Holland
    — for the many, sad and beautiful photos
  • The Ministry of Defence
    — for the pictorial history
  • Wing Commander Brian St. Clair, RAF
    — for his pictorial history
  • The People of the Hague, Holland
    — for their pictorial history
  • Ronald and Mrs. Liversage M.B.E.
    — for their kindness at Bergen, Holland and their photos
  • Mevrow Tonni Munk (Nee) Tonni Van de Veerd
    — for pictures and cassette recordings regarding 'The Escape'.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joop Siepermann, Air Historical Society, Wangeningen, Holland
    — for a cassette regarding the surrender of the Germans to General Foulkes at Wangeningen and for their photographs
  • His Royal Highness, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
    — for his permissions and attendance to the Funeral Service.
  • In the Creation of this Site

  • Linda and Greg Orme
    — for their diligence and care of the family photographs and history
  • Kristine Lawes
    — for her patience and help with the site
  • Pat and Dawn Quinn
    — for their photos and stories regarding Charles and Violet Wright, Their parents
  • Karl Davidson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    — for his photos of the Field of Crosses on Memorial Drive, Calgary
  • Mark Hickman
    — for his assistance with information of the graves records of Bert
  • The fine People of the War Graves Commission
    — for their ongoing care and diligence in the reporting and recording of the resting places of the men and women lost in the wars as well as their pride and careful assistance to those looking to locate a lost loved one
  • The Fort Garry Horse Museum and Archives
  • Gordon Crossley
    — for his assistance with the information about Charlie Wright